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Sunday Worship – Sunday is truly a blessed day at Grace. Click on the
Sunday Worship tab above to learn more.

Offshoot activity
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Bible Study
Special classes and study series occur throughout the year.
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This is an opportunity for dinner and a chance for
fellowship outside of the church. Each participant prepares and brings a
part of the meal. Participation in outside group activities such as
concerts, plays, games, etc. are often combined with dinner to make for a
very enjoyable gathering for all involved.

The true purpose of praying for others is to offer ourselves as channels
of God's grace. We offer our hearts as channels through which the healing
love of God may be directed to those for whom we pray.

"What we have seen and heard we are telling you so that you too may be in
union with us, as we are in union with the Father and his Son Jesus
Christ. We are writing this to you to make our own joy complete."

If you have never been baptized or if you have been baptized in another
denomination, please speak to one of the priests to discuss joining one
of the Spirit of the Heartland churches.

A typical Sunday worship includes a call to worship, a prayer of
confession and assurance of pardon, exchange of the peace of Christ, a
responsive Bible reading, a children's message, four Scripture readings,
sermon, pastoral prayer, offering of gifts, and a benediction. There are
usually three hymns and at least one song by the choir or soloist.

All who have been baptized (in any Christian denomination) and who accept
Jesus Christ as savior may partake of communion, held during services on
the first Sunday of every month.

Bible Readings

A typical service contains four readings: A Psalm recited by a layperson
and the congregation, an Old Testament scripture read by a lay person, a
New Testament reference read by a lay person, and a Gospel reading with
interpretation by the pastor. We use the New Revised Standard Bible as
our primary text.